NCP physician services provides a multitude of services for physicians that work within our network including De Novo and Acquisition models

Joint Ventures/New Clinic Development

NCP is a physician focused company. We actively seek to partner with physicians who have not been- afforded the opportunity to share in the ownership of a dialysis center, and are seeking greater involvment in clinical quality, measures and outcomes. NCP’s team has managed and developed over 100 dialysis clinics. We are intimately familiar with the  finer details necessary to successfully develop a first class facility in a minimum amount of time. NCP can finance any size clinic through equity, debt, leasing, or a combination. We work with experienced architects and engineers to design a facility that is especially suited to the needs of the patients and physicians. Through the provision of expert construction management, NCP can have a new clinic financed, designed and constructed within 4 to 6 months after the decision to proceed is made.

Full/ Partial Acquisitions

We have extensive experience in the acquisition of both individual dialysis clinics and multi-clinic operations. NCP has knowledge of the intricacies and a sensitivity to the issues surrounding the blending of dialysis facilities into a corporate setting.

Facility Management 

Through the development of either a joint venture arrangement or a management contract, NCP can provide expert facility management for your new or existing dialysis clinic. NCP’s skilled operations team has successfully operated clinics in all environments, from sole providers in smaller communities to multiple facilities in complex urban markets. Our skills in personnel management, expense control, billing, marketing, purchasing, managed care and management of clinical services can readily be adapted to your specific situation. Whether you own an existing dialysis clinic and face continuing challenges in its – management or want to establish a new clinic, NCP can meet your needs.

Acute Services 

Nephrology Care Partners, LLC, Inc has extensive experience in managing and operating Acute Inpatient Dialysis Programs. NCP’s available services to our hospital partners include: Inpatient Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis, C.V.V.H., Apheresis and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies

Physician Opportunities

  • Denovo Development
  • Acquisitions
  • Clinic Expansion
  • Facility Management


Nephrology Care Partners is a healthcare company that is focused on the quality of our patients lives and ensuring a better way to approach assisting our patients in realizing a better quality of life.

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